A powerful yet easy to use Ajax datagrid for PHP/MySQL

Instantly convert ANY MySQL SELECT statement into a searchable, sortable, paginated datagrid!

Datagrids are the perfect way to display tabular data. With a datagrid, users can quickly and intuitively find the exact data details they need.

MySqlGrid was designed with a focus on security, reliability, and simplicity. The learning curve is very minimal. Once you have a valid SQL query, you are minutes away from providing a flexible and beautiful data grid that will allow your users to quickly find the information they need.

  • Framework agnostic
  • Simple to implement – automatically creates grids from pure SQL.
  • Sort on any column by clicking a header.
  • Provides pagination with option to show all rows.
  • Allows joins to an unlimited number of database tables.
  • Automatically generates drop-down filters for any or all columns.
  • Detects date fields and automatically provides icon activated pop-up dialogs where users can enter date filters.
  • Can create an unlimited number of datagrids on one page. (New!)
  • Many configuration options to allow full customization.